The "Roaming Tome"

At at some date before May26th, 2020 - an idea was hatched by a wonderful hot sauce producer in Washington state USA (please visit the websites)


Through a great act of generosity, a copy of my book "True Stories From A Lowcountry Cop"  was mailed to a hot sauce afficiando (or as we are known around the world - "chiliheads") in Sydney, Australia. The idea being, that he/she will read the book, sign it, and take a few pictures to share before sending it on to another chilihead - anywhere in the world. Then, hopefully the same process will be repeated until the book might have travelled the whole earth! The journey has begun and we will share the pictures and updates as the book makes the trek.


I am humbled by this act and cannot yet offer proper words of appreciation. For those who may read, this is the start of the story.... It "officially" began May 26th, 2020. Unknown as to where or how it will end. Stay tuned.....

From Sydney, Australia - 


The first recipent writes - "I read the book, Reggie, and thoroughly enjoyed it. You definitely have the knack for telling a tale, and I am sure you have many more tales to tell."


"I read the book while drinking a beer or two."

"While I was making more beer."

'"The book is now on its way to the next recipient"

8-4-2020 From the next recpient in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

"So, cheers to our friend, brother, mate, and all an round top bloke Reggie who writes a bloody good yarn, as good as, if not better than the best of 'em"

"I apologise for the delay, and can confirm that the book is now bound stateside to the next lucky recipient."

After an unfortunate and lenghty setback, the tome surfaces again! This time, in Tapachula, Chiapas Mexico!   11-23-2021

"The book certainly made a great first impression: nice book finish, attention to details. I had a lot of work when the book arrived, so I had to postpone the reading a bit. Once work was finished, we went on a day-trip to de-stress ?. The kids wanted to play in the water and I took something to read with me."

"Reggie, it was an honour to receive the roaming tome in my tropical shack. And, also, it was a great pleasure reading it! Some parts were funny, others had a philosophical twist. It certainly was a captivating book - from front to back cover - and I'll certainly read it several times more in the future. For some reason, the story of the diabetic left the deepest impact."

"Yes, the hammock is a great invention for tropical climates. But the swaying of the hammock can knock you out quickly, especially in combination with alcohol."

"The roaming tome is on its way to the next recipient!"
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