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The founder and company namesake is Reginald E. (Reggie) Sharpe. A career law enforcement officer who found his niche hunting down "wanted" people. He was recognized in 2011 (following a story in American Police Beat magazine) by The Post and Courier newspaper and the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for a career total of over 15,000 at that time. The last official count was in April, 2012 where it was at 16,464. These ranged from murder offenses to bogus checks. He has served more warrants than any individual policeman in United States history and as a result been dubbed "The Warrant Man."


Now near retirement, he has taken the advice of his friends and decided to bottle the sauces once shared as a hobby with coworkers. He is still an actively employed policeman hunting fugitives.

We hope you enjoy our products. "You've been served!"

Disclaimer   It is neccesary to state that our product names should be viewed as obvious parody. We do not endorse violence, nor do we mean to minimize any victims of crime. It has been the lifetime vocation of this company's founder to bring criminal offenders to justice, often times with great risk of peril. With that, comes the need for approaching a crazy world with a sense of humour, used simply as a coping mechanism that most career cops would understand and attest.

Warrant Man Pepper Co. LLC  is a registered and proud participant in the South Carolina Department of Agriculture's program of recognized quality goods produced in the Palmetto state using SC grown ingredients.




Warrant Man Pepper Co. LLC  is a proud member of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association. The South Carolina Specialty Food Association (SCSFA) is the only statewide organization dedicated to promoting the best specialty food products available in the Palmetto state. 

Warrant Man Pepper Co. LLC is a registered business with the South Carolina Secretary of State.

South Carolina Retail License # 101909133

The City of North Charleston, S.C.  retail license # LIC-1-18-179294

The City of Charleston, S.C.  retail license # BL008556-10-2017

BPCS - University of Tennessee 

PCQI - Clemson University 

South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture RVC# 72022


1332 Maxwell St.

North Charleston, S.C.  29405

(843) 580-8993



We appreciate the work of our professional pepperologists and technical consultants:


Mr. Todd Morgan - Charleston, SC

Mr. Christopher Aversa - Glenside, PA

Rah Rah (Greenthumb extraordinaire) - Awendaw, SC

Angela Evans (visual appeal / marketing) - N. Charleston, S.C.

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Are you a Chilihead? Have questions about hot sauces, hot peppers, cultivation, collecting, trading or anything remotely connected to the capsicum bearing species? Here is ground zero.


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