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From southern California -

From South Carolina -

Aggravated Assault

Tried this tonight. It's a very tasty sauce. It's very vinegar and black pepper forward with the tomato giving a little sweetness. In fact I found it took me to some familiar places I don't usually associate with hot sauce in the first second: a really good Bloody Mary or a vine ripe tomato drizzled with a great vinaigrette. Then you get the burn but it's pretty manageable. Once my taste buds were a little numbed (full disclosure I was switching back and forth between this and the Homicide sauce) I could have sipped the entire bottle. And I still might, it's that tasty. It's not really a Louisiana style sauce but It works in any application where you might use one. It really is a must have for your Bloody Mary (and if you like those hot, then add the Homicide too)



This is an excellent hot sauce. The ingredient ratios are really well done. You can taste the peppers without getting blown away with heat, though this still packs a punch. This is something I think chilleheads will like (I don't really consider myself one) but it's got a broader appeal than advertised I think. If you can eat a bunch of medium wings, you will enjoy a few (or a lot more than a few) drops of this on your eggs.


Oh, and the aroma is wonderful. You get the fruitiness of the peppers, a little zing from the vinegar, a little garlic.


JC - Vancouver, WA


Clearly Guilty

This sauce..... it has a certain charm about it, Great packaging niche' wrapped in crime scene tape. I taste the vinegar and the garlic with Carolina Reaper Pepper. I have used it on my salads, it has had my lips tingling just a bit and really has made my lunch unforgettable. The sauce has a wonderful feeling of the traditional Carolina vinegar based sauces. I have found my new salad dressing and would use it on
everything that needs a flavor boost.


Great deal. I've got the high protein diet going here, most salad dressings have sugar and this is the perfect heat and flavor for my salads. I did use my own recipe for salads til you got me on Clearly Guilty. 

I just love this recipe. Thanks again Reggie .......


G.G. - Atlanta, GA


Variety Set

"I'm really impressed.  Each sauce has a very distinct and balanced flavor and I enjoyed each. Your attention to detail really comes through both in your thematic branding and the quality of your products.  It's immediately clear you genuinely enjoy providing people with a fun experience as well as quality products.  I think that's great."


C.D. -  Seattle, WA


From Cajun country -

Hats off to the talented guitarsmith and hot sauce aficionado from Missouri - John Seabaugh! Original composition - "The Scoville Scale Blues." We are deeply honored.


We are proud to have been featured in some video reviews by the renowned Canadian "chili-meister" Monsieur Claude Dube'. Most of his reviews are done in French for his Quebec home audience. We are grateful that he took the time for some reviews in English! 



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