What our customers say about us

Here's what people are saying about Warrant Man Pepper Co. LLC.

"Their product shipping was super quick, I got my order in only a few days. I am impressed!" 
Parce L. Baumer

"Double battered and Dixie fried. Sic Semper Lenibus, Capsicum Praecepta!"
Rex Muerte

"These sauces are great! I'm not clowning around."
M. Balmer

"The Clearly Guilty sauce perked up my collards, it's actually quite good, just enough heat."
Jay Walker

"With a name like Aggravated Assault, I didn't figure I'd like it, violence and food, but sometimes a girl needs a little spice and excitement. This sauce rocks."
Robin Banks

"Homicide, now that's a sauce I can understand. If I saw that Pete guy from Texas I would....."
Tommy Gunn

"Homicide  is great hot sauce! I eat it frequently, it adds a whole new dimension to the captive culinary experience"
Phil Graves

"When I go out for a late night taco run, I always bring some Homicide sauce. It's hotter than hell and that's just the way I like it."
Juan S. Ickman

"These sauces sure made cold Stanley hot, I mean that parts of Stanley were hot, we ate it on our dinner, I mean I ate it, whatever, well it's good sauce "
Eaton Wright

"I don't know why, but sometimes a feeling comes over me and I just gotta have some of that sauce, right now I'd kill for a bottle "
Jacklyn Hyde

"These sauces are great! It enhances the food and doesn't 'mask' the flavor. I think momma would've loved it."
Butch R. Fecund

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